25 Mar 2019

Why EZ Barrier Enclosures?

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Why EZ Barrier Enclosures?

Why EZ Barrier Enclosures?  EZ Barrier fire-rated products are an extraordinary line of air-tight enclosures designed explicitly for downlights, exhaust fans, DC security controls or fire suppression valves when building electrical or mechanical devices that need to be protected with a one-hour fire-rated enclosure within a ceiling or wall.  The EZ Barrier fire-rated enclosures are fully tested and approved under UL categories for commercial buildings, maintaining the integrity of the space fire-rated.

Fire Rated Fan and Light Enclosure

One Hour Fire Rated Fan Box by EZ Barrier

Why not use sheetrock enclosures?

When sheetrock is used and site-constructed, there is a wide variation in quality.  It can have air gaps in seams, a lack of consistent production, even with a double layered sheetrock box.  Those who build the variations of sheetrock boxes may not fully understand the importance of the function that is required.  Although sheetrock together with fire-rated caulk may appear to be sufficient, it is not air-tight and may contribute to the spread of a fire.

Why using EZ Barrier enclosures are cost effective?

Our one-hour Fire-rated enclosure can save hundreds of labor hours and thousands of dollars in a typical multi-level commercial building protecting ceiling-to-floor and ceiling-to-roof assemblies as well as fire-rated walls.  EZ Barrier enclosures can reduce the installation time from 45 minutes “build your own sheet rock box” to approximately 1 -2 minutes for a typical recessed/LED light enclosure.  If cost is a real consideration using a proven and tested, the fire-rated enclosure is the perfect combination of both savings and time spent on each project.

How Do EZ Barrier enclosures differ from other enclosures?

EZ Barrier enclosures are Patented, FIRE TESTED, and compliance with National Fire Codes essential to improve safety and protect both lives and property, unlike sheetrock or any other material contractors use to build on-site.   Our products are fire tested, and UL approved as a one-hour fire-rated product when used in a ceiling-to-floor, ceiling-to-roof and fire-rated wall assembly.  There is a reason EZ Barrier enclosures were UL testing and certified.  Watching how an enclosure reacts to a fire demonstrates why it works by helping to stop or retard a fire, saving lives and construction costs.  Sheetrock is fire-resistant not fire proof and has not been tested when used as an enclosure, which should be an important reason not to use it.  Inspectors, contractors, and building owners need to realize the importance of each enclosure in maintaining the integrity of a building and that the EZ Barrier enclosure is the right product for the application consideration using a proven and tested fire-rated enclosure.

EZ barrier enclosure meets the following safety and fire codes:

  • ASTM E-119-05a
  • UL 263, UL 533, UL 537 (Some UL Listings for specific applications)
  • UBC 7-1 Certified by Intertek ISO Certified
  • NFPA 251
  • ANSI A2.1
  • ULC S101

A “one-hour” fire rating certifies that the product was tested for each commercial building assemblies and consisting of building materials that can resist penetrating the ceiling or wall for one hour.  Our enclosures were developed to stop the fire from moving from one floor to another for a period of one hour giving the fire department time to contain the fire saving lives and property damage due to an electrical fire.  Example: EZ Barrier enclosures are designed to stop the fire from spreading between floors or between apartments that share a common wall.  Fires can reach a temperature greater than 1,700⁰F in less than one hour.  It pays to make the right choice when it comes to saving lives and reducing property damage.