18 Feb 2019

Using EZ Barrier Fire-Rated Enclosures!

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Using EZ Barrier Fire-Rated Enclosures!

Above all, EZ Barrier is the original Fire Rated Enclosure securing our first patent in 2002.  Since then others have arrived on the scene.  How do EZ Barrier products compare from others on the market;

·         We are fully tested and approved for several One-Hour Fire-rated Assemblies.

·         Welded not riveted which means they are air tight.

·         Easy to install, which saves contractors and installers time and money versus spending the time to build sheetrock boxes that have seams and you carry the liability.

·         EZ Barrier meets the National Fire-codes including California Title 24.

Statistics indicate that most fires today occur in modern multi-story buildings, in addition to offices, hotels, residential, retail and hospitality facilities.  For the most part, these buildings spread fire more quickly through cavities where a one-hour fire rating is critical, such as; between floors where recessed lighting, exhaust fans, and connection boxes are located and should be protected.  However, the main focus when constructing new or retrofitting older buildings should be fire-rating of all building ceiling-to-floor, ceiling-to-roof assemblies or fire-rated walls.  Subsequently, the effects of a fire in a multi-floor building can be extremely destructive, costly, and disruptive for residence or businesses alike.  Each week there seems to be a multi-level fire on the news which should remind each architect, contractor or inspector that safety is paramount when approving construction.  Therefore, careful consideration taken in the design of our product along with materials used to ensure each fire-rated enclosure meets EZ Barrier’s strict quality standards.  For the safety of each citizen, EZ Barrier placed particular emphasis on fire containment because of the high overall cost in terms of human-life, first-responders injury, contamination of the environment due to the chemical residue, damage clean-up and rebuilding.

Patented Fire-Rated Enclosures:

EZ Barrier patented fire-rated enclosures have exceeded testing requirements by UL standards for a one-hour fire-rating to ensure each space is protected.   The results of each test analysis, in short, show that our fire-rated enclosures reduce the risk of fire spreading from one floor or wall to another.  EZ Barrier enclosures are attached to the structure of the building further enhancing the impact our products have by staying in a place far longer than any other product on the market.  This is important as the fire continues to reduce the structural integrity of the building, our enclosure holds to the function by supporting the fixture from dropping into the work area and hence reduces the spread of fire until officials arrive at the site and to allow safe evacuation.   

Fire Rated Enclosures Save Money!

To summarize, EZ Barrier fire-rated enclosures are the most cost effective one-hour rated product on the market;

·         Installation time reduced to approximately 1-2 minutes in comparison to 30-45 minutes for site-built boxes which are not airtight,

·         Each enclosure certified by UL Standards and the U.S. National Fire Codes,

·         Contractor liability significantly reduced when using EZ Barrier enclosures versus using products that are fire resistant,

·         Inspectors and architects nationwide specify the EZ Barrier product to general contractors, plumbing, electrical and low-voltage contractors as the easiest, safest and most used product for fire-rated ceilings, roofs, and walls.  

·         Therefore, EZ Barrier enclosures provide the highest-level protection of any product on the market. 

Use the EZ Barrier (EZB16-24-9) (EZB 16-24-9EXH) or (EZB14-14-3) enclosures for recessed lights, exhaust bathroom fans, LED Flat Lighting, DC connection for security, valve protection for sprinkler systems and even plumbing valves in a fire-rated wall.

You can go to our web-site @ www.ezbarrier.com for more details, or you can always call our office at 612-308-9689.