06 Sep 2018

Use Fire Rated Enclosure!!!

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Fire Rated Enclosure

Ez Barrier has been manufacturing fire protection enclosures since 2009.  Use Fire-Rated Enclosure for all types of applications including; HVAC for bathroom/light fan combinations, Recessed lighting for LED and Fluorescent Downlights and both DC wiring connections for security systems and fire sprinkler systems values.

Our enclosures are used in multi-level buildings to protect ceiling-to-floor and ceiling-to-roof assemblies as well as fire-rated walls that require a product that has been tested to withstand a one-hour fire-rating.  Ez Barrier is the preferred vendor used by many mechanical/electrical contractors throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Fire-rated enclosures save hundreds of labor hours and thousands of dollars in a typical commercial building by reducing the installation time from 45 minutes to approximately 2 minutes for a typical recessed light, and recessed can accommodate installation.


                Fire Rated Enclosure


Here are three questions about WHY you would use the EZBarrier 16-24-9Exh Fan enclosures:

Use an EZBarrier Enclosure?

The International Building Code and The International Fire Code states that any and all materials, systems or devices must be tested as part of a “fire rated assembly.”  It is incorporated into the building elements and components requiring the application to be in compliance with the ASTM E119 or the UL 263 test.



What makes EZBarrier Enclosures Cost-Effective?

Rather than needing four trades to build double-layered sheetrock boxes, your mechanical or electrical contractor can install each enclosure as part of their normal installation for electrical, HVAC or mechanical connections that need to be protected. EZbarrier enclosures are compliant with National Fire Codes; they are the easiest product to work with pre-drilled mounting holes and punch-outs for electrical conduit.  The less time on the job site the more profit for each contractor plus it protects the owner’s asset for decades.


Why use EZBarrier Enclosure over other applications?

 EZBarrier enclosures have been Tested and approved to UL standards.  Each product is built in one piece for easy handling and is made of galvanized metal to maintain its form for decades, will not rust and is installed as part of the structure adding to the integrity of the building.

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