IC-Rated Enclosures


Recessed Light Enclosures

Architects, specifiers and installers can easily maintain the integrity of fire-rated ceilings for one hour by using e.z. barrier enclosures for recessed lights.

Product Information

The use of IC rated products is NOT required when using e.z.barrier enclosures; however, IC rated products may be used if already specified and purchased. When specking a job that requires recessed light cans, insulation is always placed a few inches a way from the enclosures. EZ Barrier IC rated fixtures have been fully tested and certified by Intertek. Our recessed lighting provides the best insulation in combination with one hour fire protection.


Troffer Cover

The fire rated troffer cover is available in 2′ X 2′ and 2′ X 4′ formats and guarantees the integrity of your structure for up to an hour in the even of a fire. Fire rated troffer covers are the only fully UL tested products that have been designed to help maintain the integrity of fire rated ceilings when penetrated by troffers or fluorescent fixtures.

Product Information