11 Feb 2012

Fire Rated Products and Enclosure Goals for 2012

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At the beginning of each year we reflect on accomplishments and share plans for the new year.  It’s been 10 years since we first filed for a patent on our fire-rated enclosure and we have you to thank for trusting us to be part of your business.  As our founder, Happy Moselle, was fond of saying, ” I treat my customers the way I want to be treated!“, and we are committed to that philosophy! For this reason we are looking to expand the sales of fire rated products online in 2012.

Fire Rated Products – Goals for improvement in 2012:

  • We’ve added new staff in an effort to increase sales and provide better support to our reps
  • Our newly designed website will provide up-to-date information on products, specifications and news from our customers.
  • New products including LED lighting enclosures, expanded enclosure sizes, we are also hoping to unveil the ez Barrier troffer cover line.

EZ Barrier is the original fire-rated enclosure company.  Other companies may offer fire rated products similar to our enclosure but, EZ Barrier is the certified patent-holder on fire rated enclosures and we always stand behind our products.  We can’t control what the market will do, sometimes competitors will cut corners and distribute inferior products, but EZ Barrier is all about ensuring your customer is protected from product failure.  Our advice is to steer clear of cheap knock-off fireboxes that are made of a thinner material.  These imitation fire enclosures are only approved at the lowest test rating and they often fail to protect after installation.