Resources for Fire Rated Installation

Complete EZ Barrier Catalog

Brochure containing helpful information about EZ Barrier products and their specifications. The brochure contains information for architects and designers on both the On-hour Rated and Non-Rated assemblies.

Fire rated installation Inspection Checklist

This inspection checklist contains building codes and international fire codes that apply to installers.  This guide also provides specifications that architects and designers will need to consider in order to determine the best option for their fire-rated enclosure needs.

Fire Barrier Electrical Openings Guide

The traditional way of ensuring that you meet fire codes with recessed lighting is to hand-build fire boxes around each and every light you install. Building one box can take up to an hour, which can quickly add up to hundreds of labor hours in a typical building. This guide shows how EZ Barrier fire-rated enclosures allow you to install recessed lights in half the time.

Fire Box Guide for Architects and Designers

Our practical design creates substantial savings in installation costs per project in the field. More importantly, EZ Barrier provides a multitude of options for recessed applications in all of your design projects. This guide explains the benefits of EZ Barrier fire rated products for architecture projects.

Installation Diagram for a One Hour Fire Rated Enclosure

Using EZ Barrier in a non-rated assembly allows you to use a non-rated fixture and provide an air space around the fixture for cooler operating temperatures. This fire rated installation guide contains a picture diagram of the process for installing an EZ Barrier enclosure.

Top Ten Questions About EZ Barrier Enclosures

This document contains the top ten questions related to fire rated installation and the EZ Barrier enclosures.