17 Sep 2018

Fire-Rated Exhaust Fan – Light Enclosure

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Fire Rated Exhaust Fan by EZ Barrier.   First, Fire-Rated Products exceed National Fire Codes and make installations fast.  Next, easy for architects, specifies and installers.  Most important, preserve the integrity of fire-rated ceilings and walls in multi-level commercial buildings during a fire.  Examples of building types include; Apartments, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and commercial multi-use buildings. 

Fire Rated Fan and Light Enclosure

One Hour Fire Rated Fan Box by EZ Barrier

Furthermore, using the EZ Barrier Fire-Rated Exhaust Fan Enclosure is the smart way to protect the building.  Specifically, owner assets from the fire spreading before emergency workers can get to the site.  Indeed, our knowledge of National Fire Codes as it relates to ceiling, roof and wall protection.  For this purpose, is why EZ Barrier designed and patented the Fire Rated Exhaust Fan Enclosure.  Even more,  ensure each space protection in the event of an electrical fire. EZ Barrier makes Fire Rated Enclosures that you can trust.

Accordingly, EZ Barrier Fire Rated Exhaust Fan Enclosure is custom made our fan.  Of course, fit a variety of fan brands.   By all means, when fan enclosures arrive at the construction site, they are ready to install.  In fact, (no parts to put together). Consequently, reducing labor costs and construction time.  Without a doubt, meeting National Fire Codes is fully certified.

The installation takes about two minutes to install, saving contractors thousands of dollars in a typical commercial building by reducing the installation time from 45 minutes for a “site-built sheet rock enclosures that are not certified” to about 2 minutes for an EZ Barrier fan enclosure application (ezb16-24-9exh).

Our enclosure works with both an exhaust fan & fan/light combination.  In addition,  designed with four knockouts for wiring.   Also, lined with intumescent material to reduce vibration noise and increase fire-rating an additional hour.  When it comes to one-hour fire-rated enclosures, count on EZ Barrier (ezb16-24-9EXH), your fully certified choice.

In conclusion, eliminate liability exposure with EZ Barrier Fire Rated Fan Enclosure.

EZ Barrier’s (ezb16-24-9exh) one-hour fire-rated product enclosure used with exhaust fans, and heat lamps.  Even more, DC connections for security systems, sprinkler valves, speakers and most other electrical connections.  EZ Barrier delivers fire protection, fire rated noise dampening, and UL Certified for easy inspections.

The EZB16-24-9EXH Fire Rated Exhaust Fan enclosure meets the following codes:

• ASTM E-119-05a

• UL 263

• UBC 7-1

• NFPA 251

• ANSI A2.1

• ULC S101



• Flange: 2”wide for easy mounting,

• Material: Corrosion-resistant metal,

• Internal Dimensions: 12”wide, 20”long, 9”deep.