22 Aug 2018

One Hour Fire Rated Enclosures

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Fire Rated Enclosures:

A Fire Rated Enclosures is the only safe way to assure you new construction project meets code.  Did you know that in 2006 the International Building Code Section 712.4.1.2 makes Fire Compliance the Law?  The One Hour by EZ Barrier is the perfect solution to meet and exceed this requirement.

Fire Rated Enclosure by EZ Barrier C

Fire Rated Enclosure Saves Time:

A Fire Rated Enclosures by EZ Barrier no only meets the International Building Code; it saves time.  When considering the time it takes to construct a non-certified enclosure, to the ease of installing a Fire Rated Enclosure by EZ Barrier, the time savings alone pays for the enclosure.  Along with the time savings, electricians can easily mount conduit to the rigid enclosure.

Fire Rated Enclosure Saves Money:

Did you know that the labor dollars and material to construct a non-certified enclosure could be costing more money that having a certified Fire Rated Enclosure?  With the enclosure, Electricians get a solid structure to secure the conduit and spend their day wiring the building versus building non-certified enclosures

Fire Rated Enclosure Life:

Our Fire Rated Enclosure designed for long life.  Manufactured out a sturdy gauge galvanized steel and welded corners, our enclosure will last the life of the building.  If there is ever a water leak in the building, no problem, remove the water from the building and replace the damage caused by water.  Our enclosure will l

Fire Rated Enclosures Patents:

E.Z. Barrier Inc. is proud to be the inventor and United States Patent holder of the Fire Rated Enclosure.  36 claims under US Patent 7,812,253,B2, and 9 claims under US Patent 8,629.348,B2.  Don’t be fooled by anybody, look at the patents.

Fire Rated Enclosure Certifications:

One Hour Fire Rated Enclosures are fully certified and have been flame tested.  Our enclosures work for many applications line Recessed Light Fixtures, Recessed Exhaust Fans, Recessed Speaker enclosure, Recessed in-wall plumbing.  Certified in to California Fire Code, Title 24.  CSBC Compliant Enclosures


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