12 Jun 2012

Fire Rated Ceiling Enclosures Save Time & Money

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EZ Barrier’s latest video demonstrates the effectiveness of using our Fire-Rated and Certified Enclosures versus attempting to build your own on-site.

The Contractor on this project, one of the most impressive building designs and research centers built this year estimates the cost of each hand built enclosure costs about $75.00 each. Using EZ Barrier Fire Rated Ceiling Enclosures costs about half that.

“EZ Barrier enclosures are a HUGE time saver and very cost effective.  With the amount of work that goes into each install, why would anyone still be building fire-rated enclosures on-site and by hand?”
-Garett Moselle, Operations Manager, EZ Barrier.

With over 100 enclosures in fire-rated safety locations needed on this project alone, EZ Barrier enclosures were the obvious choice because they:
· Cut costs in half,
· Reduce install time from one hour to about 2 minutes per enclosure,
· Increase safety because of the testing and certification process that our enclosures go through.  Old untested sheetrock boxes are unstable and can result in contractor liability.

The design of EZ Barrier fire rated ceiling enclosures is based on 60-plus years of field experience in the construction industry. We understand the challenges that specifiers and contractors face in meeting fire codes.