Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions about EZ barrier fire-rated enclosures.

Q: Why do I need an e.z. barrier enclosure?
A: Building Code requirements state that recessed fixtures should be installed in a way that does not impair the fire rating of the ceiling. See specific code information for more details. Beyond building codes, using e.z. barrier enclosures will save you time and money in installation costs.

Q: Is there a fire code for recessed lights in every state?
A: Yes.

Q: Where can e.z. barrier enclosures be used?
A: Our enclosures can be used in any home or building where there is a requirement to have fire-rated walls, floors or ceilings.

Q: How does the e.z. barrier enclosure work?
A: The enclosure has been designed to prevent fire, gas and heat from escaping and traveling into the building structure.

Q: What is the e.z. barrier enclosure made of? Are special tools or handling required when installing?
A: Our enclosures are made from a non-corrosive metal that is easy to handle and is manufactured in the USA. They require no special clothing or gloves to handle and are unaffected by wind, water or the trades people working around them, because they are durable metal. They are also unaffected by blown-in or foam insulation.

Q: Does e.z. barrier affect the strength of the structure?
A: Our enclosures actually strengthen the assembly by tying framing and sheetrock together to obtain better fastening of the sheetrock. Because of the enclosure’s strength, there are no worries about putting pressure on the enclosure. Water and insulation do not affect it.

Q: How sturdy is the product once it’s installed?
A: Our enclosures are affixed to the building framework/structure with four screws. Once attached, there is no chance of movement later by any other trades people working on the assembly. There is no guesswork on the location of the enclosure or the depth needed to seal. And, there is no chance of the enclosure falling down after it is installed.

Q: Is e.z. barrier easy to install?
A: Yes, just as the name says, they are very easy to install with four screws. There is no assembly required, no job modification needed and no need to worry about the right fit. And, they are easy to relocate if needed.

Q: What are the benefits of the enclosure over a hand-built sheetrock box?
A: e.z. barrier can save significant installation time and dollars. In addition, it is preapproved to meet fire codes.

Q: What type and number of luminaires can be installed based on the Omega and Intertek Fire Resistance Directory?
A: Recessed luminaires may be installed in a fire-rated ceiling if done with the proper enclosure as part of the fire-rated ceiling assembly.

Q: Does the e.z. barrier enclosure fit a wide range of applications?
A: Yes. Our enclosures work with a wide range of light fixtures.

Q: Does the enclosure affect the amount of light given off by the light fixture?
A: Our enclosure can actually increase the amount of lumens your lighting layout can produce, reducing the number of fixtures need.

Q: Do I have to use an IC-rated fixture?
A: No. Our enclosures allow heat to dissipate from the fixture, so you do not need to use an IC-rate fixture, giving you more options. Reducing heat can also lengthen bulb life.

Q: Do the enclosures reduce noise from traveling through the fixtures?
A: Yes. e.z. barrier reduces the amount of noise that travels through fixtures because it is completely sealed.

Q: Is there any maintenance required?
A: No.