Why EZ Barrier Enclosures?

Why EZ Barrier Enclosures? Why EZ Barrier Enclosures?  EZ Barrier fire-rated products are an extraordinary line of air-tight enclosures designed explicitly for downlights, exhaust fans, DC security controls or fire suppression valves when building electrical or mechanical devices that need to be protected with a one-hour fire-rated enclosure within a ceiling or wall.  The EZ.. read more →

Using EZ Barrier Fire-Rated Enclosures!

Using EZ Barrier Fire-Rated Enclosures! Above all, EZ Barrier is the original Fire Rated Enclosure securing our first patent in 2002.  Since then others have arrived on the scene.  How do EZ Barrier products compare from others on the market; ·         We are fully tested and approved for several One-Hour Fire-rated Assemblies. ·         Welded not.. read more →

Fire-Rated Exhaust Fan – Light Enclosure

Fire Rated Exhaust Fan by EZ Barrier.   First, Fire-Rated Products exceed National Fire Codes and make installations fast.  Next, easy for architects, specifies and installers.  Most important, preserve the integrity of fire-rated ceilings and walls in multi-level commercial buildings during a fire.  Examples of building types include; Apartments, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and commercial.. read more →

Use Fire Rated Enclosure!!!

Fire Rated Enclosure Ez Barrier has been manufacturing fire protection enclosures since 2009.  Use Fire-Rated Enclosure for all types of applications including; HVAC for bathroom/light fan combinations, Recessed lighting for LED and Fluorescent Downlights and both DC wiring connections for security systems and fire sprinkler systems values. Our enclosures are used in multi-level buildings to.. read more →

One Hour Fire Rated Enclosures

Fire Rated Enclosures: A Fire Rated Enclosures is the only safe way to assure you new construction project meets code.  Did you know that in 2006 the International Building Code Section 712.4.1.2 makes Fire Compliance the Law?  The One Hour by EZ Barrier is the perfect solution to meet and exceed this requirement. Fire Rated.. read more →