The e.z. barrier enclosure makes it easy for architects, specifiers and installers to maintain the integrity of fire-rated ceil- ings for one-hour when penetrated by an exhaust fan or fan/light combination. Can be used for bathroom or kitchen.

From our knowledge of fire codes and patented designs to our fabrication and quality materials, we make enclosures that you can trust.

Install an exhaust fan in a fraction of the time it takes to hand-build an enclosure by using the e.z. barrier enclosure that works with both an exhaust fan & fan/light combination. With four knockouts, you have easy access from any direction. You’ll save time and labor costs while ensuring compliance to building codes. And, our product contains intumescent material that provides sound reduction.

Fire Rated Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Exhaust Fan & Fan/Light Combination Enclosure
  • Works with both an exhaust fan and fan/light combination
  • Fits both 16” and 24” on-center applications
  • Features 4 knockouts for wiring flexibility with easy access from any direction
  • Fits both 3” and 4” duct work (contact e.z. barrier for other sizes)
  • Features intumescent material that helps maintain the acoustic integrity of the ceiling
  • Maintains vapor barrier integrity to meet new “tight building” codes
  • Maintenance free
  • Affixed directly to the structure

Contains fire, gas, smoke and heat within the enclosure for 60 minutes, preventing leakage through the assembly into duct work. Meets the following codes:

  • ASTM E119-05a
  • UL 263
  • UBC 7-1
  • NFPA 251
  • ANSI A2.1
  • ULC S101
  • Certified by Omega Point Laboratories
  • Certified by Intertek & Warnock Hersey
  • Flanges: 2-5/8” wide for easy mounting
  • Material: Corrosion-resistant metal
  • Internal Dimensions: 19-3/4″ long x 11-3/4″ wide x 9-3/8″ deep (includes intumescent material)
EZ barrier Enclosure Prevents Fire From Escaping

The e.z. barrier enclosure has been designed to prevent fire, gas, smoke and heat from escaping and traveling into the ductwork. In the event of a fire, the 3M™ intumescent lining in the enclosure expands up to five times its original size to contain the fire, gas, smoke and heat. In addition, a 3M intumescent lined metal ring is installed around the PVC duct extension pipe. As the PVC pipe melts, the intumescent lining in the ring expands to com- pletely seal off the hole in the enclosure and prevent the leakage of fire, gas, smoke and heat into the ductwork.

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